Getting to know Lucy

Lucy joined Rype with a shared mission to get more people growing food. 

Over the last few years, Lucy has used her background in fashion to bring a fresh approach to food growing, inspiring thousands around the world to give it a go. 

We asked Lucy some of our burning questions:

Lucy Start growing seedlings

Why did you switch form jewellery designer to growing edibles?

The simple answer is that it didn't make me happy. I was very lucky with the things I managed to do and achieve in my fashion career. However I reached a tipping point where I either had to seek investors and grow the brand or stop. Being really honest with myself, I really hadn't enjoyed what I was doing for some time so I made the decision to walk away. I came to gardening for precisely the opposite reason. I was going through a really stressful life event at the end of 2017 and needed a distraction so turned to something that had always made me really happy and that was growing food. The further I immersed myself in the world or horticulture, the happier I became and frankly I have never looked back.

You have an amazing following on instagram - what is it that people resonate with so much?

I feel very humbled by the amazing support I have received on instagram. Perhaps it is because I came to gardening a little later, so had fresh eyes on approach and what was possible. Also, because of my background as a designer, I think I have been able to add a level of beauty to growing food and how I present that food, that has sparked peoples imagination. Either way I feel lucky to be part of, and have the support of such an incredible global community.

Lucy Start heritage tomatoes

In your opinion, what needs to change within the gardening industry?

I think there is a difference between gardening and growing food. Obviously there are lots of cross overs and many hardened gardens grow loads of fabulous veggies among many other things. However I believe there are a lot of people out there who, for a variety of reasons, really care about what they eat. If you asked those people if they were into gardening I suspect most would reply with a hearty 'no', however if you asked them if they would be interested in having more control over their food provenance by growing some of it themselves, I think you'd get a very different answer. It is how to engage this audience that needs rethinking.


What made you want to partner with Rype?

I am passionate about getting as many people growing food as possible. Its good for us and it's good for the planet. Im a great believer that urban living and small spaces shouldn't hold you back from enjoying a little taste of the good life. So for me Rype was a natural fit, we have so many shared aims and I hope that together we can help lots more people discover the joy of growing food.


You can find Lucy on Instagram or her website