Our Approach

Growing your own food can be intimidating - you only need to start searching for tips and your overwhelmed with hundreds of how-to-guides. Which plant is right for you? where to get them from? is the timing the same in this part of the UK? Quite frankly, for something that's supposed to feel fun, it can be stressful. 

It's our mission to get more people growing food, and more importantly enjoying it. Our approach is simple - we work out what prevents people from having a successful experience, and design Rype around it. 

The result - a growing experience made for the modern generation; one which enables almost anyone to grow. It just requires a little time, lots of sun and hey presto, we have a grower. 

And we'll never stop improving; whether its the plants we choose, the support we provide, embracing new technologies. It will be our never ending mission to make growing more enjoyable. We'll never be able to provide an absolute guarantee - nature after all is unpredictable, but we'll do our best to get as close as possible.