Our Story

It all began ... when garden centres and nurseries were forced to close during the first lockdown in April 2020. Millions of plants across the country were about to be binned, unable to reach Londoners who’d love them. 

It was a difficult time, but one when people across the city were getting outdoors, re-discovering their homes and gardens and noticing nature re-awakening all around them. And so Plant Pack was founded, and within a couple of months, we had rescued and delivered 30,000 plants, and donated our profits to charity.

As our plants found homes across the city, we discovered a new tribe. The next generation of urban food growers who are passionate about quality food and our planet. They had three simple obstacles to overcome: choosing the right plants, getting the plants and knowing how to care for them.

Cracking this required total commitment, and following a successful application to join Bethnal Green Venture's Accelerator programme (love these guys), Plant Pack became Rype and started on its new mission to reimagine food growing for the urban generation.

Tom, Founder