The May Box

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Try it for 1 month, a season, or all year - no minimum term. 

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In the May box

  • Young Tomato, Cucumber & Dwarf Bean plants organically grown (find out more below)
  • 3 x fabric Pots good for growing and our planet
  • Just the right amount of peat-free Compost
  • Printed step-by-step guided to plant and care
  • Carbon neutral delivery to your doorstep
  • (out of the box, you'll get loads of tips and you can ask us questions via WhatsApp)

The May line up


An award winner and known in underground tomato circles as 'the sweetest ever.' Good for warm and cold growing - hence they made the line up. With delicate skins, you won’t see them on supermarket shelves. 

Typical harvest of 100-120 tomatoes

Dwarf Beans 'Purple Teepee'

AKA 'the purple bush bean'. Why? because it grows as a bush instead of the long leggy beanstalks you might be used to, making them great for urban growing. We like to crunch them straight off the vine.

Typical harvest of 50-80 pods


The Passandra is a top rate all-female mini cucumber, known for their big harvests and good resistance. Toss the salad & put the Pimms on ice. 

Typical harvest of 10-15 cukes

Not another subscription...

It seems like everyone's offering subscriptions these days... and for growing food, it just made perfect sense.

There's so much to experience and learn when growing food. Providing a box every month allows us to design a programme which spreads this over a year, so you get to test your skills across a range of plants without being overwhelmed.

Plus you'll be growing together with hundreds of others. As they say, "Those who grow together... grow together" (well we do anyway).