The 'Grow-Your-Own' Box

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Each box contains our pick of the best seasonal plants to grow, pots, compost and step by step instructions.

Try it for 1 month, a season, or all year - no minimum term. 

Postage included. Next delivery on Friday 16th April. 

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How it works


Get your box

We'll send you everything you need to grow.



Follow the step-by-step instructions to pot your young plants and begin growing.



The most exciting stage... Give your plants a little love and watch nature takes it course. We'll send you regular reminders & tips, and feel free to message us with any questions.


Reap, Eat, Repeat

Pick your harvest and sit down for the most rewarding meal. You will have earnt it. Then grow some more!

Why Subscribe?

It seems like everyone's offering subscriptions these days... and for us, it just made perfect sense.

When 'growing your own', there's just so much variety and so much to learn. Providing a box every month allows us to design a programme which spreads this over a year, so you get to test your skills across a range of plants without being overwhelmed.

Plus you'll be growing together with hundreds of others. As they say, "Those who grow together... grow together" (well we do anyway).

In April’s Box

4 x Young plants

(Tomato Lizzano, Sweet Pepper
Bendigo, Chilli Jalapeno, Lettuce)

4 x Fabric pots

Organic compost mix

Step by step instructions